Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pick Your Own

Strawberry season flew by far too fast this year.  Here are few more shots of the day I spent 100% focused on strawberries.

The field at Sam Kedem's is organic which means you pick around the weeds.  It is worth the extra effort to know that I am not eating chemical sprays.

Guinea Hens are SO LOUD!  On this trip to the berry farm, I learned that they do not cluck, they yell.  My dad had some of these birds for a short time.  He said they have a reputation of being guard birds.  These birds certainly announced my arrival, so I can see how they might be a good alarm system.

I know I have said it before, but this strawberry huller is so worth the price and drawer space it takes up.  I cleaned 20 pounds of strawberries by myself that day and this tool made it possible.

I usually freeze a lot of berries, but this year I opted for dehydrated over frozen.  I think it is harder to get dried organic strawberries than it is to get frozen organic strawberries plus I have more pantry space than I do freezer space.

A double batch of strawberry rhubarb jam cooling, a batch of yogurt incubating and 2 dehydrators filled with strawberries take up the wet bar counter top.  I am so grateful to have this overflow space.  It really makes those high production kitchen days more manageable.

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