Monday, July 14, 2014

Camilla, Petunia and Nellie in June

June was a big month for Camille, Petunia and Nellie.  They went from spending a few hours each evening outside to full-time outdoor birds.  Their little box was getting a bit crowded and their energy level and curiosity were outgrowing the brooding box, too!

When I took the lid off to do some cleaning and refilling, Nellie made a jump for it!

The space that they spent a lot of time in when we brought them out each evening is beside a window.  This was when Fanny first discovered what was making all of that noise she could hear through the air vents that went from the basement to our 1st floor.

Since the timeline was getting pretty tight, Paul really put all of his energy into getting the coop and run done.

I think it is safe to say that they love it!

They get a lot of free ranging time when we are home and have a safe space to enclose them when we leave.

We are still working on socializing them.  One of the things we do to ease their fear is to bring them treats like worms.  This approach has had mixed success as Camille now associates me with treats and is much less fearful.  However she seems unable to tell the different between a worm and my toes so she gets confused and pecks at my toes!

None of them love to be held but they all tolerate it once you catch them!  There have been a few comical incidences of chasing the chickens down to get them into the run.

Nellie is almost done filling in her face with feathers.

Petunia surprised us by growing a neck beard.  Which is funny because we are becoming more and more confident that she is a hen and less and less worried that she could be a rooster.

I guess we just have a bearded lady chicken!

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