Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Minneapolis Canoeing

We don't own a boat so we haven't really taken advantage of the many boating opportunities within city limits.  I definitely appreciate the lakes by walking around them, picnics, beach time, bike rides and lakeside dining, but just haven't had opportunities to boat on them until this weekend.

Guess what?  You can rent boats!  I kind of wish we had realized this earlier!  Anyway, Paul wanted to go fishing during the long weekend and I was interested in a paddling session, so we rented a canoe.

We spent a few gorgeous Saturday morning hours tooling around Lake Hiawatha, which is just a few short minutes from our house.

We spotted a heron nesting.  Can you see it in the photo above?  Click on it to make it bigger. We didn't want to get any closer for a picture since we knew he/she was uneasily watching our approach.

There is something so satisfying about floating on the water.  The gentle lapping sounds, the shimmery light, the feel of the paddle cutting into the water, the warm sun on your skin...ahhhh, it just slows everything down.

I mentioned in my last post how intense the Mississippi River is flowing, well the water level is impacting the lakes in town, too.  The walking paths, beaches and sitting areas around many of the city lakes are a bit, um, soggy.

Paul and I had a wonderful time on the water.  Unfortunately, the next day when Paul went on his solo fishing trip good fortune was not as plentiful.  A combination of a bite on his line, a sudden gust of wind and an unfortunately placed tree branch led to a flipped canoe.  He was wearing his life jacket and came out of it shocked and wet but OK, with just a scrape on his arm.  He did sacrifice his fishing rod and a multi-tool to the lake and so far the bag of rice has not been able to revive his phone, but we are just grateful that he came out of it OK and is able to laugh about it!

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