Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Vacation!

Apparently there is a reason I own so many tote bags: so I could pack all of the things I needed for our summer vacation!  Paul and I rented a cabin in northern Minnesota for 4 glorious nights in mid-July. We had planned it pretty far in advance but it ended up coming at a perfect time where disconnecting and recharging was desperately needed.  No phone or internet service, just a cabin, a lake, a dock, a few local channels on tv and public radio to keep us company.  We also brought plenty of our own entertainment like books and games and projects to work on there. I have a few posts planned so that I can share the trip with you.  Here we go!

On the drive up we made a stop at Franconia Sculpture Park.  I haven't been there in a few years so there were plenty of new sculptures to look at.  Our time there coincided with a outdoor concert series so we strolled the grounds to the backdrop of bluegrass music.  It was a great start to our trip!

We stopped for a late lunch at the Duluth Grill where we had very memorable lemonades: beet lemonade and lovage lemonade.  I enjoyed the lovage lemonade so much that I have since gone out and bought a plant to add to my herb garden!

And then......we got to the cabin!  Paul didn't waste anytime trying out the fishing at the dock.

I enjoyed the dock for a different purpose: knitting, drinking a glass of wine and soaking up every minute of the sunset.

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