Friday, July 11, 2014


Did you know something crazy happened in Minneapolis recently?  It rained so much that part of the cliffside just slid down onto the road below, trees and all.

I have taken a lunch break sitting right along the side of the river where the mud came to rest.  Cars were on the road when the slide started but were able to get to safety.  This is a well trafficked area by walkers, bikers and drivers.  It is so fortunate that nobody was hurt in the slide.

The road has been closed since the slide happened mid-June.  The large trees and the mud stayed in place for a number of days while they were waiting for the soil to dry out more.

I can't imagine the process for cleaning this up in a safe way but they have a strategy.  So far, crews have removed the large debris and covered the area with what looks to be a huge sheet of plastic.

I get to see this view regularly, so I will definitely be interested to see how they move forward with the cleanup and what they might do to stabilize the surrounding area.  Water is a powerful force!

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