Sunday, July 13, 2014


When the weather is nice here, there are so many ways to get around and so many fun sights to see along the way.

Like this one from a lunch time walk:

Or this one from my bike commute home:

A new branch of the light rail opened up a month ago.  Welcome to town, Green Line!

I spotted these cranes that grace the area that formerly housed the Metrodome on a weekend ride.

On a recent bike ride home, I came across a loose dog.  He had a collar and tags and was super friendly.  He came right to me when I stopped my bike and called to him.  I was thankful because he was at the intersection of a well trafficked street.  Since he had tags, I figured it would be easy to figure out where he belonged.  I tried calling the vet from the rabies tag but the number was disconnected.  So then I called the microchip number and found the nice doggy's owner hadn't registered it!  Nobody was walking around calling for the dog and none of the nearby neighbors recognized him.  Luckily a kind woman stopped when she saw what was up and offered to help.  I couldn't do much more than I had since I was on bike.  She agreed to give him a ride to animal control.  As you can see from the picture, he was totally cool with that.  I hope he was reconnected with his people!

Another funny transportation related tidbit: I have an international trip planned for September and will be doing a bit of driving.  In order to legally do that, I needed to get an international driving permit.  My permit was mailed with a cute post it note from a AAA employee.  By golly, I think I will have fun! Thank you, AAA!

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  1. Oh I really enjoyed this post. That post-it is the best. And thank you for helping the dog. Nice that someone else helped too. Don't stop dancing!


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