Monday, January 19, 2009

Liner Mittens

My next post-Christmas F.O. is a pair of mittens. I had a purple pair made out of this yarn, but lost them last winter. Luckily, I had some of the same yarn in a different color and was able to make a new pair. I say "luckily" because I love this yarn but it was discontinued a while ago and I have a limited supply, mostly in small quantities. The yarn is Artful Yarns Fable in the color Little Red Riding Hood. Fable is a mix of pima cotton and silk and gets soooo soft after it is worn in.

These mittens are intended to be used just like the purple pair: sometimes as a liner pair inside of bigger mittens and sometimes on their own when the weather isn't as cold.

This little set-up shown in the photo above led to an awesome discovery. In my Christmas stocking this year I received some of those little magical heat pouches. I can slip one into each hand between the two mitten layers and it works like a little furnace in there! I'm saving my last set of warmers for when Paul and I go to the Art Shanty exhibit.

To make these mittens I loosely followed the Fittin' Mittens pattern by Nancy Lindberg. When I made the purple pair before, I had used a hat-like decrease for the top. For this pair, I followed Nancy's instructions and ended up with a pointier decrease. I prefer the rounded hat version, but these will work just fine.

Thanks to Jack for helping model these mittens. They looked a little stale and boring when photographed by themselves so he acquiesced to my photo shoot needs.

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  1. 2 comments - Jack is a wonderful model. You should get him into commerical work and then you don't have to find a job, just be his driver. Second - are you crazy? You are going out in the cold to look at ice houses? Fishing shacks? Aren't you the same little girl that didn't want to go ice fishing with her dad?! What's up with that? Love, Mom


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