Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Weekend in Knits

I know it is almost the end of the week AND that I didn't actually take any pictures of people this past weekend, but I can tell you what I was up to in the form of photos of related knits.

After running errands on Friday, Paul and I settled in for dinner and a marathon session of watching Jericho. I made a bunch of progress on my Herringbone Puzzle Top while we watched the engaging and exciting, but poorly written show. Has anyone else gotten hooked on this show? We are watching it through Netflix streaming so I am not even sure how long ago it was aired.

This project is a bit difficult to explain. It is part vest, part tank top and part wrap. I am looking forward to seeing how it comes together. I also worked on this project during Sunday's Crafternoon gathering. We had another fun session and even had a knitter join us who hadn't picked up her needles in 5 years. Yay, Jill!

I volunteered at the Cedar Cultural Center on Saturday night and met a knitter who invited me to join her knitting group. I am looking forward to hooking up with them next weekend.

Since I had the day off on Monday, I packed my laundry and knitting into the car and headed to my mom's house to turn dirty clothes into clean clothes. While I was there, I enjoyed kitty cuddle time with Ginger, civil rights related shows on the History Channel and lots of knitting time.

Tiko was especially interested in watching me knit. Luckily she was restrained and didn't attempt to cause any trouble. She just watched and watched and watched very intensely.

I also worked on a pair of socks. It has been far too long since I have knit a pair of socks. There is something so satisfying about the little stitches lining up into neat little stitch patterns.


  1. I think Tiko was watching you so closely so that she could learn how to do it herself! She is the most curious cat I have every met. She will sit for hours and watch me cook or scrapbook or whatever I am doing. Such a funny, cute kitty! Love, Mom

  2. Yay YOU for hosting the Crafternoon and helping me dust off the needles and yellowed patterns...


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