Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Red Shiny Things

It was recently Sally's birthday, so I busted out the beads and made her a pair of earrings:

While the beads were out and I was focusing on reds, I made myself a pair too:

Making these earrings has pushed beadworking closer to the front of my mind, so maybe I'll make a few more things soon. Also aiding that cause is the upcoming sale at The Beadhive and the fact that I just finished my temp placement today. Phew! I made it. I am not sure what is next, but I expect to have a little free time on the horizon.


  1. I haven't worn them yet, but LOVE my earrings ... and their awesome display frame dealybob.

  2. trinity, how beautiful. i just started making jewelry, but not nearly as fancy as this yet. i'm getting there, though and having a lot of fun. i will aspire to do stuff as cool as this soon. i've just started with some elastic necklaces and hoop earrings so far.


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