Thursday, January 29, 2009


Check it out! I put seeds into my Earth Box and they sprouted! I was concerned that they wouldn't like the chilliness next to the window, but I think there is enough soil in the box that it is managing to keep warm enough. These sprouts will hopefully become lettuce and cilantro.

These sprouts have given me hope that I can grow things from seeds. I haven't had the best of luck starting from seeds in my outdoor garden spaces. It was hit or miss whether the seeds would sprout. I did ok with green beans, but couldn't get lettuce to take. I found it much easier to start from the starter sets of little plants. But, I know it is much more economical to start from seeds and in the case of world disaster, it would be good knowledge to have. (I'm watching Jericho, so I have been thinking of disaster survival scenarios lately!)

I honestly planted these seeds expecting nothing from them, so when they sprouted, I did a little happy dance. Paul was impressed too because he started expressing interest in other things we could grow if we expanded our container gardening to more of our gigantic windows. Too bad these Earth Boxes are $60 a piece or else we'd be establishing quite the indoor garden right now.


  1. I love that feeling when you first notice that something sprouted. I'm an impatient gardener, the type that checks twice a day and wishes it would all happen faster, but it is so much fun when something finally happens! Spring will come eventually!


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