Thursday, January 8, 2009


There were two people on my gift-giving list this Christmas that seemed to be destined to have imperfect gifts. In knitting gifts for these two people, I made one failed version for each of them and one version that was passable.

These people were Roger, my mom's husband, and Sylvia, Jamie and Adam's baby girl. I first made Sylvia a pair of felted booties that were very oddly shaped and not at all shaped like her feet are shaped. I couldn't give her those so I made her mittens that were acceptable but not to my usual standards. I decided I had to just let it go in order to continue chipping away at the many other gifts that still needed to be made.

Roger wanted a brown stocking cap, which should have been simple, but somehow wasn't. I made 3/4 of a hat in fingering weight alpaca yarn only to finally admit what I had suspected from the start: it was resulting in gigantic, non-human proportions and needed to be ripped out. I was running short on time, so I headed to the yarn store and bought a skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted in their new semi-solid Cafe Au Lait color. My mom told me that Roger's head is "large" so I knit the large size of the Marsan Watchcap.

Again, it was passable, but a little too big. The design includes a very long cuff and that was definitely the case with my version!

I did like how the yarn showed such crisp stitch definition with the twisted rib and the color of the yarn was really well done. My mom says he wore it to shovel snow the other day, so that is promising.

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