Monday, January 5, 2009

Sally Sews Skirts on the Seashore*

To top the weekend off, Paul, Sara and I ate a delicious and filling breakfast at the Seward Cafe. I am bravely branching out from my usual Super Green Egg Earth in order to try some of their other specialties and so far I have not been disappointed. I heartily recommend their foods and I recommend paying attention to what other people are eating as it may be something worth noting. On a past visit I witnessed someone eating multiple cloves of raw garlic with her breakfast. Today we saw a woman who ate an entire, heaping plate of cooked kale for breakfast. That was it. All she ate was kale and a ton of it.

After breakfast we bid farewell to Sara as she went on her way back to Madison. A short time later, Sally came over for some sewing time with me AKA The Sewing Hack. My mom called while Sally was over and when she heard what we were doing she laughed. My mom laughed because she knows that we are a family of sewing hacks that really have no business teaching others how to sew anything. Anyway, Sally absorbed the basic instructions I gave her and spent the day bravely cutting and sewing her ankle length skirts and transforming them into knee length skirts. That is, she was doing that until my sewing machine revolted against her 4th skirt.

We decided to call it a day, but not before I finished Fanny's newest toy, a heavily modified version of the Catwarming Set from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation:

There is something magical about the combination of single ply wool knitted into a vaguely mouse shape and stuffed with polyfil. She LOVES these toys.

*Ok, we were not at all on the seashore, but it was much more tongue twister-y if I claimed that she was on the seashore. Forgive me for the fib.

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  1. I forgive you the fib. Would've been nice to do it by the seashore, but your apartment is equally welcoming. Thanks again for the help!


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