Friday, November 7, 2008

World's Oldest Cat

One of the other benefits of spending time at my mom's house is that I get to see Ginger, The World's Oldest Cat, AKA The World's Sweetest Cat and more recently, AKA Gentle Ginger the Jew (apparently, she has taken my mom's Jewish husband's last name).

About 6 or 7 years ago Ginger had some major health issues. Her kidneys had shut down and she was in renal failure. My mom was taking her to the vet all the time to monitor her levels and give her medication. Some of her visits turned into overnight stays in order to get her organs out of "crisis" mode. Ginger HATES going to the vet and every visit upped her stress level exponentially. My mom had gotten to the point where she was sure we were going to lose her. Ginger had lost tons of weight, was hiding in the closet, not eating or drinking and pretty much barely alive. My sister and I had both gone over and snuggled her for what we thought might be the last time. For some unexplained reason, she came out of it and gradually regained her weight and her strength.

She is now 17 years old, blind in one eye, fat and happy. She no longer goes to the vet, because it seems to do her more harm then good. She does still like a good belly rub, purring up a storm, licking my hair and chasing any toy with feathers on it.


  1. She IS the world's sweetest cat! Although her toy chasing is now limited to only 5-10 minutes before she has to go take a nap, she still is our loving ball of purr. She is also the only cat I ever met that greets you when you walk in the room. She says "Hi" and then goes back to napping. Sweet, funny kitty. Love, Mom

  2. Awww! Give that sweet old gal a pet for me, will ya?


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