Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bottoms Up

Pattern: Bottoms Up by Alice Bell
Yarn: Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy

After I finished this F.O. I put it in the "naughty" pile, so I could get some distance before deciding if I liked the length or not. People's notes on Ravelry frequently mentioned that this pattern turned out too short and since I was coming off of the last camisole that I made being a few inches shorter than I wanted, I was fearful of the shortness. I think I overcompensated. And, since it was knit from the bottom up, I was much too far along to shorten it when I figured out how long it was going to turn out. So, I finished it, tried it on, cringed at the length and put it aside for a month or two.

The time apart worked wonders. It is definitely on the long side, but I will still be able to wear it.

I look forward to seeing how the Hempathy yarn wears. I expect it to get softer. If it stretches, I may have to implement a shortening strategy.

The Bottoms Up pattern was inspired by champagne. Can you see the bubbles?


  1. Very cute! Love, Mom

  2. It think the length is perfect! And a great color on you, to boot.

  3. It's really nice, and I think the length looks perfect!


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