Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Owners!

Hello! I just wanted to pop in for a quick minute (still no internet at home) to give you the news that the closing did in fact happen yesterday. We had a fairly uneventful closing in the morning which left us with a whole marvelous day to spend with the house. We talked about where to put our stuff, we looked closer at our yard (we'll get apples from the trees this year), we met the neighbors (they are friendly and have a beautiful yard), we had lunch at a neighborhood cafe (seriously good burritos), the water works guy came to read the meter, my dad came over, we brought the dogs over to play in the yard and sniff the whole house and, to top it all off, we had pizza and wine on the porch for dinner while the dogs ran around free of leashes. We are happy folks! I will post some photos and some fun tidbits about the house as soon as possible.


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