Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Project 365: Day 64

June 6, 2009
Moving Day

Despite a dreary, rainy and cold moving day, our hardcore moving posse still got the job done. Paul and I started the day by waking up at 5:30 am. We had the moving van by 7:30 am and the first load to the house by 9 am. After a trip out to suburbia to pick up our new furniture, we met up with our volunteer crew to move the majority of our things. A HUGE thank you to Jill, Jessy, Jamie, Tuyen, Mark, Steve and Paul who helped Paul and I move our stuff in the nasty, un-June-like weather. And, thank you to Matt, who helped with the straggling items left in the apartment after moving day.

Moving day became quite dramatic when we averted two near disasters. The first one was a scary fall on the stairs and the second was the dogs' escape from the fenced yard. The injury didn't require medical attention, just some beer, pizza, ice packs and ibuprofen. And, thanks to a kind motorist, the dogs were found a block away unharmed. We learned our lessons for the day:
1) be careful on the stairs, they are shallow and steep
2) always check the side gate when letting the dogs out in the yard, the dogs are opportunists

Phew! After all the chaos of moving in the rain, I needed to create a little something pretty and peaceful before going to bed. The photo of the day show my little spot of peace amongst the boxes and muddy floors.

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  1. Hip hip hooray for Moving Day! I hope the settling in is going well.


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