Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Project 365: Day 88

Baking Breakfast Bread

One of my favorite breakfast breads is Orange Whole-Wheat Bread (recipe from my Family Circle Encyclopedia of Cooking published in 1990). The texture is really hearty because the recipe calls for "crunchy nut-like cereal nuggets" which I think was their way of saying Grape Nuts. I use the Kashi version of the "crunchy nut-like cereal nuggets". Think of a Creamsicle made into a healthy bread. That is what this recipe is like.


  1. That sounds so delicious! I would love to get into baking bread. Do you find that it is difficult to do?

  2. Feel free to pass along that recipe. I haven't been doing too much bread baking because my house is hot enough without turning the oven on, but I might be tempted for this one...

  3. Hi LostMitten! I would say that this kind of recipe is not hard to do at all since it doesn't involve yeast. I have had hit or miss experiences baking bread with yeasted recipes. My mom just loaned me a bread baking book, so hopefully I will have better luck with those kinds of recipes soon!


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