Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Project 365: Day 60

Noise Factory

As I have said before, Paul and I are without internet and TV at our house right now. And, nearly all our stuff is in boxes. After getting over the initial feelings of being cut off from the information the internet provides, it has actually been pleasant. The past few nights we have cooked dinner together, ate, drank wine, talked, reminisced and listened to the sounds of our surroundings. Our building is a fairly active and noisy place. Some of it is normal city noise like traffic and horns and people shouting. Some of the sounds are tenant-related like the sounds of their movements, doors opening and closing, and lots of music. We live above and below musicians. The neighbor below is a great piano player and I love when his music drifts up to us. The neighbor above us makes awful sounds with a drum set and an electric guitar that he calls music. I could most definitely be happy if I never have to hear him again. Oh, and let me not forget to mention that before the people moved in downstairs there was another tenant there that played the tuba. The tuba is a strange sounding instrument. Anyway, all of this is to get to the point that in the hanging out in our "quiet" apartment, Paul and I conversed about how much our soundscape will likely be changing when we no longer share walls and ceilings and floors in common with our neighbors. When I came home today to a ruckus of obnoxious synthesizer sounds from upstairs, I realized what a welcome change it will be to have a little sound buffer between us and the neighbors.

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