Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Project 365: Day 65

June 7, 2009
The Culprit

This girl is one of the many reasons that our first night in the house was a restless one. Fanny slept almost the whole moving day while hiding from the chaos of the process. Her full day's rest resulted in a full night of jubilant sprinting around the house, walking all over us, meowing and just generally loud behavior that is uncharacteristic of her normal nighttime behavior. In addition to Fanny's attempts to keep us up, we also were awoken by a police car's flood light and flashing lights coming into our window, sirens from the nearby fire station and lots of other unfamiliar neighborhood sounds. In general, this neighborhood is way more peaceful than our last one, but I guess we still need to adjust to the particular variety of noises here before we can sleep through them.

On Sunday, we split our day between unpacking, changing locks, and entertaining visitors. We were visited by each of our parents at some point in the day. My mom came over with breakfast and beautiful flowers. Thank you! My dad came over with tools to fix our doors and ingredients for smores. Thank you! Paul's parents and aunt brought us a ladder, some firewood and a bunch of household and grocery items. Thank you!

We are lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who are willing to pitch in when we move. Although, I think we have nearly worn out our welcome what with moving twice in the same year. We promised them we would stay here for a while!

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  1. Such drama! So much for a peaceful move ...


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