Monday, June 29, 2009

Project 365: Day 87

Longfellow, Home Sweet Home

As we get more settled into the house, have less and less cardboard boxes in our faces and get the yard under control, we are starting to have time to enjoy our new home and neighborhood. After Paul went to the local park to play basketball on Sunday afternoon and I processed all of the strawberries, we each hosted a friend (Gretchen and Doug) for dinner (a version of this fettuccine recipe with beet greens and strawberry shortcake) at the house. And, tonight I was able to join Jamie, Adam and Sylvia for an evening walk and a falafel dinner at their house. It is great to finally be experiencing some stability.


  1. getting the cardboard out of the house was a major milestone for us. I cheered when the recycling truck came by!

  2. The mural is so cool! We'll have to come over and go on a walk in your new neighborhood. You name the time and Zoe and I will be there!


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