Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sista Sista

Project 365: Day 215

Jessy came over tonight for dinner, birthday hat designing/collaboration and RomCom movie watching. The only thing wrong with the night was that Jessy thinks our house is too cold so she kept her coat on the whole time she was here.


  1. What was your Rom Com? I was so tempted to try to see if you were free, since both of our men were at the T'wolves game, but figured you'd have plans...and you did! :)

  2. What is RomCom??Oh wait, suddley typing it out makes all the difference. Yes, what did you watch?

  3. RomCom = Romantic Comedy!
    Hi Missy and Jerri,
    After much Netflix browsing, we decided to watch Management with Steve Zahn and Jennifer Aniston. It was full of awkwardness and included a supporting role played by Woody Harrelson.


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