Sunday, December 6, 2009

(4 Hour) Pumpkin Pie

Project 365: Day 247

Sally and I set our minds to making pumpkin pie from scratch in late October. Today was the day we made it happen. Well, today was the day we assembled the pie, but the process actually started in early November when I cut, seeded, baked, scooped, pureed, drained and froze the innards of two pie pumpkins.

We followed this recipe from Joy of Baking. We didn't take any shortcuts because we wanted to experience the full process of a completely homemade pumpkin pie. We made the Pate Brisee (Short Crust Pastry) from scratch, included the gingersnap/pecan layer and even made the maple whipped cream! We spent about 4 hours on the task today. When you add in the time it took to process the pumpkins, the total is nearer to 6 hours of labor for these 2 pies.

The first taste test shows that these are damn fine pies! The crust and the gingersnap/pecan layer are the shining stars of this pumpkin pie recipe. Although the filling made with fresh pumpkins is very tasty, my suspicions tell me that using canned pumpkin would be just as tasty and would turn this 6 hour pie into a mere 4 hour pie. If you wanted to be super on top of it, I hear you can make pie crust in larger quantities and freeze them for later use.

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