Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas - Part 4

Project 365: Day 268

For the final installment of Christmas 2009, we went to my mom's house. We exchanged gifts between my Mom and her husband Roger, my sister Jessy, Paul and I, ate a big burrito lunch and looked through old photos. We had a big, colorful pile of gifts that we exchanged and we enjoyed looking at embarrassing photos of ourselves from years past.

Paul got some bonding time with Ginger, our family cat who is one billion years old and still sweet as can be.

My mom is sporting her new Snuggie and Jessy is sporting her new quilt. The three of us are generally cold, so something to keep us warm is always an appreciated gift.

Christmas - Part 3 on Christmas day didn't get much blog coverage since it was spent with the in-laws and I am not sure how they feel about being published on my blog, But, that too, was a day full of gifts, family and food. Paul's mom Joanne outdid herself yet again with enough food to feed an army and a comparable amount of gifts.

I was a lucky girl this year! I got everything on my wish list and then some. Since my birthday and Christmas fall so close together, I am left feeling a bit overwhelmed with the generous amount of gifts I receive at this time of year and find it hard to really let everyone know how appreciative and thankful I am for them. Well, let it be said that I am very, very appreciative and thankful for all of the fun, useful, creative, predictable and surprise gifts that I received for my birthday and Christmas this year.

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