Friday, December 11, 2009

Come and Get It!

Project 365: Day 252

I really like to cook. I enjoy eating things that taste good, meals that are well balanced and have good nutritional value to them. I enjoy the process of preparing the food, from the smells to the textures and colors to the physical motions of assembling a meal. When I have the time and energy to cook it helps me to feel physically and mentally well and in charge of my life. But, sometimes I am lazy. I am grateful to have a partner who is able to pick up the slack for me and put a delicious meal on the table for us when I am feeling lazy/uninspired. Tonight I was treated to a half hour on the couch reading the current issue of Vegetarian Times and sipping red wine while Paul fixed us a tasty, pretty, well balanced dinner. (Wine counts as a fruit, right?)

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