Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas - Part 2

Project 365: Day 265

Merry Christmas! We woke up to a very highly hyped Christmas snow storm. We ran errands like crazy last night in order to free up today for relaxing at home and lots of shoveling. Jamie came over to visit me and we exchanged presents and worked on some knitting. She gave me many great birthday and Christmas presents including an adorable apron that I was gushing over at Anthropologie when we visited the store in NYC. It was very nice of her to take note and give me this awesome apron:

(photo from Anthropologie)

I have already put it to use making homemade caramels and dinner tonight. Thanks, Jamie!

We just ate dinner and opened the Christmas presents that my dad dropped over in advance. I am totally a Christmas Eve present opener, if at all possible. Christmas Eve is close enough for me! I am happy to report that my dad set me up so come next harvest season I will be canning up a storm. I got a pressure canner, a food mill, strainer, jelly bags and pectin. When I combine this gift with the canning utensil kit my grandma gave me for my birthday, I am well prepared to preserve till the cows come home. And, if all of the supplies weren't enough to convince me of the bounty canning foods yields, my dad also gave us a box of his canned goods including blackberry jelly, strawberry jelly, salsa, and maple syrup. Maple syrup! Now, that is a labor of love.

I think the caramels have cooled, so I must head off to cut and wrap them. I hope you are having an excellent December 24th.

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  1. apron schmapron, that a really cute dress!


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