Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Coast Craft-O-Rama

Project 365: Day 246

Today was craft central in Minneapolis. As per last year, Jill is my No Coast Craft-O-Rama compatriot. We spent about 4 hours perusing the awesome variety of locally, handmade goods.

Some of my favorites from the day include:

I pretty much loved everything at Jenna Lou Designs' booth. Her sewing is impeccable, her designs are useful and fun, her fabric choices are just my taste and her prices are a steal. Need I say more?

Figs & Ginger
Figs & Ginger's jewelry is simultaneously classy and whimsical, simple and playful. I liked a lot of the designs, but my favorites were the ones that included birds, trees and/or deer. In addition to the great designs and craftsmanship, the makers of this jewelry are committed to using recycled materials whenever possible.

Fawn in the Forest Necklace

Elizabeth Hurley Illustrations
Elizabeth Hurley Illustrations are full of childlike and fantastical imagery that is appliqued on to lively background fabrics. None of my favorites from the show were on her Etsy page, but this owl was similar to an owl that I liked at the show. These pictures are stimulating for the imagination and have a lot of tactile appeal. They would be totally at home hanging in a baby's or kid's room.

Julie Meyer has a great solution to my disposable sandwich bag guilt. Oil cloth fabric and velcro make these sandwich and snack bags reusable. Hooray!

There were many, many other favorites from the day, but instead of posting them, I am going to take some of the inspiration I've gleaned from seeing all of these awesome creations today to go and spend some time creating some things myself. Happy Crafting!

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  1. Great picks! I am impressed with your power shopping. I need to get my craft-at together, your posts have inspired me to get my 1/2 done projects finished and wrapped!


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