Monday, December 14, 2009

Cookie Day

Project 365: Day 255

One of my co-workers has an annual tradition of participating in a cookie swap party with her friends. Every attendee brings dozens and dozens of the same cookie and they all swap, each leaving with approximately 15 different kinds of cookies. And, in what has become a work tradition, she brings in an assortment of cookies the Monday after the cookie party for everyone to eat. This day, Cookie Day, is talked about and anticipated all year long. This was my first Cookie Day and it was delicious! I was very tempted to try them all, but I limited myself to 4 cookies and I saved a piece of caramel for tomorrow.


  1. what restraint! they do look delicious :)

  2. What a wonderful co-worker you have to share all that cookie booty with you! She rocks!!!


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