Saturday, December 19, 2009

Reindeer Blessing and Birthday - Part 2

Project 365: Day 260

Tonight, I was blessed by a reindeer, played the rhythm sticks and welcomed the light with song and dance. Hooray for the coming Winter Solstice and all of the awesome symbolism and ceremony that comes with it! My companion for the evening was Missy and I was very grateful to have her there with me. I was really glad when she said she would go with me. It takes open-mindedness and a sense of adventure to attend an event that is described as follows:

Part Theatre.
Part shamanic ceremony.

Primal, live,
human reverent reverie.
Can't be downloaded.
The entire audience drums.
Dancing and ecstasy are allowed
(but not required).
Every one receives a blessing
from the Great White Reindeer
(If they want it).

So you live in a Nutcracker-Scrooge-Church Pageant holiday marketplace. But what about those who crave a non-traditional but deeply spiritual holiday experience? Jaime Meyer’s Solstice Blessing might be what you seek. Solstice Blessing is part theatre, part laugh-until-you-hurt storytelling, and part shamanic ceremony. The evening blends Meyer’s seminary degree with his 23 years of studying Celtic and Nordic shamanic traditions and trance-inducing percussion and his love of wild, irreverent fun.
(description taken from this website)

The event was led with just the right mix of earnestness and playfulness and never ventured to the point which causes me to react in the familiar stop-trying-to-push-your-beliefs-on-me revolt.

My day ended with this great performance, but I should also share how it started: a massage! In fact, it was the second time I have ever gotten a professional massage. I have said to myself many times, "A massage would be really nice. I should treat myself to one." But, then I always felt like I shouldn't spend the money on it or something more pressing comes up. So, it was a great treat to have my mom gift me a massage. From my
masseuse, I learned that I can thank my computer mouse for a mammoth-sized knot just beside my right shoulder blade. After the massages, we met up with my sister Jessy and shared a birthday lunch together. I am wearing my hat in this picture for two reasons: it was cold by the window and I had a deep mark across my forehead from the pillow on the massage table. It took a really long time for my forehead to go back to normal!

Jessy, Me, Kathy (Mom)

So far my birthday weekend has been excellent! I am really looking forward to whatever surprises Paul has in store for me tomorrow. He has reserved the day from 11am onward, so I should have a lot to report by this time tomorrow.

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