Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hole in my Slipper

Project 365: Day 271

I have been wanting to knit myself a pair of felted slippers for quite some time now. Our house is old, has wood floors and we don't turn the heat up that high, which means that I generally have cold feet. I pretty much always wear slippers when I am at home in the winter and I tend to burn through them pretty quickly. I would like to knit a few pairs of felted slippers to keep by the front and back doors.

My desire for slippers has had to simmer on the back burner through the holiday crafting season, but I think I now have the time and attention to get started on them. I am trying to chose between a few different patterns, including the recently Harlotized French Press Slippers and the Felted Slippers in Eskimo by Drops. Both of these patterns have been in my queue for quite some time. Maybe I should go for a pair of each! Although, I hear once you get started with the French Press Felted Slippers, you can't stop at just one pair. Does anyone have a finished pair of these? I'd be curious to know how well they stay on your feet when you walk in them.

If you are wondering why there is an eye in the photo of the hole in my slipper, it is because Jack took the opportunity to see if he could convince my foot to pet his face.

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