Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dogs and Calendars

Project 365: Day 270

It is a good thing that dogs can't read calendars. I ordered their Christmas gift on December 20th with an expected delivery date of December 24th (according to Fed-Ex). Thanks to the massive snow storm the package didn't arrive until today. I don't think that Jack and Tchazo will hold it against me.

The dogs have been sharing the same pillow bed for about 6 years now. The cover is removable so it got washed regularly, but the fabric has started to shred and the casing on the inner pillow has disintegrated leaving the polyfil to float around inside. The bed sits right in the middle of the main area of the house and has become a nasty little eye sore. It was definitely time that they got a new bed. I found these dog duvets at molly mutt. I like the concept of stuffing the beds with miscellaneous clothes and blankets that can be washed. I also like that they have nice fabrics to chose from. We went to the pet store to look at new beds for the dogs a while ago and they were more expensive, not made as durably and were a heck of a lot less cute.

Now I just have to round up the stuffing and set this pillow out for the pups. They will be ecstatic, I am sure. Laying on soft things is one of their favorite pasttimes and, from experience I can say that they actually appreciate it when their bedding is freshly washed.

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  1. If you need stuffing, let me know -I gotta lotta stuff you could use!


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