Sunday, October 26, 2008


After spending Friday afternoon at the outlet mall getting Paul equipped with a full professional-looking wardrobe, we headed out to a celebration dinner. The plan was to go to El Meson, one of Paul's favorite Minneapolis restaurants. He hadn't been there since we moved away and had uncharacteristically already decided what he was having before we got there. When we arrived, he was very disappointed to find the menu had changed and they no longer served his favorite entree and his favorite drink. That, paired with the 45 minute wait for a table, sent us down the road to French Meadow Bakery and Cafe. Ever since Mark and Jerri took me there in April, I have been looking forward to eating there again. I think the appetizer tasting flight is delicious and they do up the Tempeh Reuben real nice, too!

You know you are in the midwest when your beer bottle features a picture of a Walleye.

Saturday evening's celebration was a housewarming party for Steve. Zoe came in her pumpkin costume, which is an appropriate choice as Mark and Jerri found out they were pregnant with her on Halloween last year.

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  1. Zoe looks so cute with Steve-arino! It's true--we found out we were pregnant for Zoe (although we didn't know who she'd be) on Halloween last year. So, she'll be wearing her pumpkin costume a lot this week in honor of the news that made our year on Halloween '07. Love that you went to Frenchy and had the tasting flight. It is SO YUMMY!


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