Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wedded - Arturo and Sam

Yesterday Arturo and Sam, AKA Jin and Samantha, got married at the Elm Creek Park Reserve.

The ceremony was outdoors. Luckily it rained a little right before the ceremony and then cleared up for the duration of the ceremony and the cocktail hour before the indoor reception.

Arturo and Sam live in Boston now but they are both from Minnesota, so there were lots of friends and family in attendance.

The ceremony recognized that they have already been living a committed life together for nearly 10 years, but that becoming married provides them with social recognition as a family. Besides all of the serious and heartfelt, emotional moments, Jermaine provided some good comic relief in his speech during the ceremony. Some highlights included quoting Paula Abdul's Opposites Attract and referencing Sam's gourmet food tastes as compared to Arturo's tendency towards Cheese Whiz and Pizza Rolls. Here is a photo of Jermaine proving his comments about Sam's amazing coordinating abilities. The invitations were the basis for the color scheme and patterns for everything at the ceremony and reception.

One of the touches I really appreciated was the seating organization. Each table at the reception was named after a location that was significant to Arturo and Sam and each guest was assigned to a table with a place card that was color coded based on your meal choice (see! mad organizational skills!). On each table was a card with a little story about the place. Instead of the traditional giant wedding cake, the centerpieces at each table were cakes from which each table served themselves.

We had a great time reconnecting with some old friends and busting up the dance floor. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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