Thursday, October 2, 2008


Minnesota is way better than New England for thrift store shopping. I missed having so many thrift stores with so many "oldies but goodies" in them. When at a Goodwill/Salvation Army-type store the other day, I spotted a beautiful quilt that looked like it had been well loved in its time. I thought for sure that it would be a steal since it was at the thrift store and most people undervalue things like quilting. I am not sure what monetary value to put on quilting or knitting and it seems I am not the only one, as it has frequently been the subject of heated debate in the knitting community.

Anyway, back to the point. I thought for sure I was going to be taking home a new/old quilt for twenty or so bucks. Yikes! Was I wrong! Someone there DOES value quilting:

Before you get all up in arms about how this price is still a great deal, let me give you some perspective on the pricing in this shop. The couches were $40 or less. Most kitchen items were marked in the 29 cents to $2.99 range. I bought a huge handmade ceramic pot with a lid for $7.99. This quilt was undoubtedly the most expensive thing in the shop. It amuses me to imagine the person who must have placed that price on it. I am imagining that it was a woman who is familiar with the labor involved in making a quilt and I think she must have spent a good amount of time marvelling at it before she affixed that tag. I am also guessing that she considered stuffing it in her coat and sneaking it out the door at the end of her shift!


  1. Oh, you're totally right. There might be 100 designer duds lurking around that Sal's that got marked $1 each because the pricer didn't see their value ... but whoever priced that baby is a quilter fo sho.

  2. I know where you were shopping!!! I love that the store is now considered a "chain" in the Twin Cities, which means that I can visit one on my way home from work. I won't tell you how many craft items I've purchased for my own personal use or use at school. Wait until Halloween when the costumes roll out or Christmas with all the festive tins. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!

  3. Ballz to that price. I found a king sized quilt at Salvation Army in Prov. for $20 once. Haven't scored again like that in a while though. Also, I thought you might get a kick out of this site if you haven't already seen it:

  4. yes someone that understand the value of quilting!! ^_^


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