Monday, October 27, 2008

The Hanukkah of Birthdays

Last night Paul and I joined my "other" family for a birthday dinner. As was mentioned at dinner, Jamie is having a Hanukkah style birthday. Her birthday celebrations have spanned more than a week. Dinner was fantastic and it was great to see everyone. As I have mentioned before, Jamie's house was my second home growing up. Although, times have changed! We aren't the kids anymore as Leah and Jamie are both moms.

Jamie's candles are not in the piping hot apple crisp, because they learned their lesson via a melted candle on a past birthday.

Jamie and Charleen in the back and Leah with her boys Blake and Jared in the front

I was spoiled this weekend with not having to cook every meal. I went to the last farmer's market of the season over the weekend and stocked up on lots of good produce. So, this week I'll be back in the kitchen cooking up some good eats.

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  1. what fun! i saw jamie at ecfe this afternoon. zoe wore her pumpkin outfit again because you just can't put her in it enough during halloween week! i was able to wish jamie a happy birthday in person!


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