Sunday, November 2, 2008

Arc's Day

Yesterday morning my friend Sally and I got up bright and early to go to the Arc's Value Village's 50% off sale. For those outside of the area, Arc's is one of the local "chains" of thrift stores. Like any good thrift store, they have a variety of things from furniture to kitchenware, from accessories to clothes and all sorts of other randomness. When Sally found out about the sale a few weeks ago, we made a plan to shop together. What made the day even more interesting is that Sally has put herself on a shopping ban wherein she allows herself a $10 a week allowance to spend on clothes and accessories. Since she knew about the sale in advance, she saved up 2 week's worth of her allowance. She had a 20 dollar bill literally burning a hole in her pocket when I got to her house.

We strategically chose our preferred Arc's location and arrived a few minutes before the store opened. When we pulled up we found that we had some competition. Despite the chilly morning, people had already lined up outside the door.

After just over 2 hours of intensive shopping, we loaded our goodies into the car and drove to the Seward Cafe. I broke out of my usual Super Green Earth rut and ate the Mexicali instead.

After all of that, Sally still had $4 left, so we went to another location of Arc's. That one wasn't as fruitful, but I still added a few more finds to my haul. I think my grand total for the day was less than $30 and I got so many awesome things including a side table for our living room, 2 pieces of art, some crafting supplies, a few kitcheny items and a few little things for me.

Sally's favorite score was this funky vest. You can't tell in the photo but it has an interesting neckline and is made from a mysterious fabric.

I can't really chose favorites from my haul, but I really like the painting I bought. It is totally funky and weird but somehow it charmed me. I brought it home and Paul immediately vetoed it. We eventually compromised on hanging it in the bedroom.


  1. Haha, you SO beat me to the punch. My post on this glorious day of shopping and fun won't be up for 2 weeks! Thanks again for a fun and fruitful trip.

  2. it looks like you had s much fun! what a great day for it, too!


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