Thursday, November 13, 2008


Minneapolis has a great and affordable community education program. They offer everything from real estate to writing, from knitting to cooking, from yoga to parenting. I am excited for the next class schedule to be released because I am surely going to sign up for something. This time around I wasn't too sure of my schedule so I refrained from registering. Lucky for me, Charleen ended up having to go out of town for business this week and wasn't able to attend the Infusing Oils class she had registered for. She offered to let me attend in her place. It was a quick class and a fairly simple concept, but I enjoyed having someone spell it out for me. And, in a few weeks, I am going to have some killer rosemary, garlic, red chili pepper infused olive oil to eat.


  1. Bless community ed. We took a sushi making class a couple of years ago that I still dream about ... I bet you make some serious yum with that oil once it's all done infusing!

  2. that looks so good. i actually thought that was a picture of an aquarium at first, though. but, i'm sure it will taste yum yum yum when it's done infusing.


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