Sunday, November 9, 2008

Art Attack

Yesterday, after opening Minnesota checking and savings (ha ha) accounts, we headed to Northeast Minneapolis for Art Attack in the Northrup King Building.

We know a few people with studios there, so we wanted to say hi to them and check out the art and the space. The Northrup King Building was built in 1917 by a seed company. It is located right by railroad tracks and until it became art studios in the 1980s, it was used as base from which seeds where shipped across the country.

This photo is from the NKB website. The cars have "Northrup King & Co. Seedsmen" printed on the side door.

Besides seeing Mike's photos, of course, our favorite part of the experience was checking out the space/building. It is full of these awesome old doors that automatically close using a weighted chain system. Paul and I are both suckers for these types of buildings, which explains why we live in the apartment we live in now.

After finishing up at Art Attack, I headed over to Common Roots for a little chatting time with Genevieve, Jerri and Zoe. Despite the cold, I walked home. It is getting cold enough here that I am reminded that my lifestyle will soon be changing. In Boston, if I bundled up well enough, I could walk where I needed to go year round. Well, that is not the case in Minnesota. Some days it is just too cold to do anything outside. The most outside action I will get somedays is the dash between house and car. I am thinking that in order to avoid a super lazy winter, I am going to need to come up with some sort of class to take or get a gym membership. Ugh. I much prefer walking to where I need to go and calling it my workout.


  1. Trin,
    It was good to see you and Paul this weekend. Thanks for stopping by the studio.

  2. Wish I could've joined you for the Art Attacking ...

  3. trinity, it really isn't all that bad in the winter here. i have to say that i walked pretty much every day (even when it was close to 0) for both of the winters i've spent here. as long as you bundle up, once you get going, it's actually not that bad and i find it helps me fight the cabin fever by just getting out and facing it. that's not to say that it doesn't stink every once in awhile when it's really too horrible to do too much, but that's really only about two weekends or so out of every winter (that i've experienced so far). all that is to say, maybe we can be walking buddies this winter or something. we can do it! :)


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