Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ooey Gooey Date Night

When we lived in Somerville, Paul and I would often go out to dinner on Friday nights. Since that is not yet in our budget here in Minneapolis, we decided to have Friday night date night at home. We fixed up a fabulous fondue dinner and then watched a movie.

We chose fondue as our dinner because we scored an awesome vintage fondue pot from a church thrift sale when we first moved back to Minneapolis and had not yet broken it in. We nabbed this gem for 2 bucks and it still had the original pamphlet with it!

As I have said before, MN is great for thrifting. Check out Sally's thrifting tips if you like to hit up the thrift stores for clothes. I like the kitchen stuff, but was quite impressed with Sally's clothes scores when we went shopping together recently.

Fondue isn't pretty but it sure is tasty. We followed this recipe.

Besides the requisite baguette, we also dipped all of these yummies:

Our vintage fondue pamphlet made us aware of a tradition we had not previously known about called the Swiss Kiss. Apparently, if your steak falls off your fork into the pot and you are a girl, you have to kiss the nearest man. If you drop your steak and you are a man, you have to buy a round of drinks. Ahhh, the sexist traditions of the 1960s.


  1. When I was in High School my friend and I hosted an Avocado-Green-Fondue-Set-Party because we had each found one in the depths of our mother's pantries. The invite said to dress appropriately and we had many people in wonderful vintage thrift store finds. It was super. If only I knew where that fondue set was now...


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